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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This chapter is dedicated to Siddartha, who renounced his Brahmin status in Indian society to find the true meaning of life. By the time of his birth, Hindus had fallen into a class society that did not respect the equality of men.  He rejected the assumption that he was superior to others because of the circumstances of his birth. He found a path to enlightenment that required rejecting such notions of separation from others and embracing a sense of the interconnectedness of all things.

The teachings of Vishnu as Siddartha explained them led to Buddhism in all its beautiful variety, and profoundly influenced Christianity and Islam. I am sure that Shiva is enjoying the dance as it winds to an end. Ganesha is very busy placing obstacles in the paths of the corporate Puppetmasters and clearing paths for the members of Soldiers For Peace International and all of our friends who are helping us assure that democracy, freedom and justice become a worldwide pandemic. Help us spread the ease of viral wellness. Vishnu/the Eternal One/Yahweh/God/Allah is surely smiling at what we are creating, a world fit for our children to inherit.

Although I have only recently begun to study comparative World religions, I have been on my spiritual journey on Earth for over half of a century. It has not taken me long to conclude that if we have a purpose on Earth that has been revealed to us through the prophets and other great scholars of revealed wisdom, it is clearly to become aware that we are one people, bound to a Higher Power through what Christians call the Holy Spirit.

I am not religious, but I have a deep and abiding faith in God, revealed wisdom and the Universal truths to be found in all great religious texts. I am a scientist and a realist. Therefore, I reject the null hypothesis inherent in “realpolitik.” The idea that being realistic means accepting the concept that nations must compete for power and resources implies that war is inevitable. Either the optimist or the pessimist can be judged a realist, depending on whose vision prevails. If we truly believe in democracy, we will restore it to the United States and help it flourish throughout the world, as God surely intends. This does not depend upon the will of some entity that is separate from us, because we are all connected to one another, according to all the great spiritual leaders.

I have no desire to offend the concrete thinkers who teach the literal truth of a text that was created by a committee called together by a politician who chose the participants. However, it is hard for me to accept that such a group of men three living hundred years after Jesus could divine which of the many commentaries written long after he passed from us represented the true story. In addition, the ambiguity of the words used in the original language of the texts led to many different Bibles in different languages that differ in many respects. If one ponders the meaning of the story of the Tower of Babel with an open mind, one might conclude that it was a warning to those who would seek to understand the nature of God through the sacred texts without considering the nuances of meaning reflected in the various translations.

One surely cannot know the meaning of revealed wisdom as filtered through many men at different places and times unless we consider the various versions of the meaning of the religious texts that men and women throughout the world have concluded represent the truth about the nature of God and the meaning of life. 

Each of the various religious models leads us to view the world through a different lens. It is helpful to remember the parable of the twelve blind monks who tried to grasp the nature of the elephant by touch alone. It was only when they carefully and clearly communicated their sense impressions that they began to understand its true Form. Only by cooperating and approaching our philosophical differences can we come to an understanding of the platonic form of the “elephant” that is God.

As a scientist, I try to consider my hypothetical God as a hologram that must be viewed from many angles to understand its essential nature. We have had descriptions of the visions of the prophets at many times in different places throughout history. This means that to truly understand it, we must understand the historical context of various religious texts to grasp what the writers were trying to say.

Thus, we must rely on the academic integrity of historians, physicists, archeologists, biologists, psychologists, linguists, logicians and theologians if we want to seek the truth that God has revealed to us about the nature of the reality of our physical world, and the next dimension we call by the various names in various systems of religious and scientific thought.

This is a critically important task, for these men and women are the seekers and dreamers who have guided our collective destiny over the millennia since consciousness arose in the minds of our ancestors. It is only through approaching the understanding of various religious thinkers and often atheistic scientists throughout time and space in a spirit of love and respect that we can hope to accomplish the task of solving the puzzle that God has set before us. No one person has the time to study and understand all these things. The leading experts in these fields often do not agree, so the best that we can hope for is to grasp the essential conclusions that they have collectively made.

That Americans buy into the notion that King James had selfless motives when he chose to write a standard Bible defies common sense. It is as if Christian fundamentalists do not grasp the fact that we fought the Revolution so that we might be free to think and act for ourselves. The idea that the King had a divine right to decide our faith and our actions is patently ridiculous and frankly un-American. It is our moral duty to follow our own consciences if we choose to seek knowledge of God’s nature and will.

If our collective consciousness becomes one in which the values of equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all men and women of the Earth is regarded as common sense assumed by every child and if we all act accordingly, I believe that God and Mankind will become one, bound by the Holy Spirit.

Scientists beleive that the ultimate fate of the Universe is determined by the amount of matter it contains. If the matter exerts a gravitational pull sufficient to cause it to begin to collapse upon itself, it will presumably initiate a fusion reaction that will create another Big Bang. This is the model that seems to me to be suggested in the conception of Shiva as the creator and destroyer of worlds. If the Universe  were to have insufficient mass to slow its expansion it would expand forever until it loses all but its rest energy, all matter comes to a uniform temperature and all change ceases. As the absence of change is a form of death, this is referred to as the heat death of the Universe.

The only other possibility is that the amount of mass is just enough to create a stable Universe that has no beginning and no end. If the Universe is found to be closed and time-space is a loop, there is no beginning and no end. If the Universe was not an accident and as most humans believe was created by an act of will, it seems to me that the ultimate goal would be to create a stable physical Universe where there was once none. This is how God can be both the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  As I will elaborate on in the following argument, it may be that it is our duty and our destiny to make God whole, as it was in the beginning, is now and forever shall be in five-dimensional space.

If God created Man in its own "image" it must mean that they share the same essential attributes, as this cannot possibly refer to physical attributes. It seems reasonable to interpret this to mean that God created Man endowed with its essence, which I conceive of as pure Love. As the Bible argues that God first created the angels, I would further postulate that they were in fact created of God's pure essence and were fully aware  of their relationship to it.

The angels may be our true selves and we their Avatars, born without conscious knowledge of our relationship to God. If this is the case, it is reasonable to postulate that God exists to us wholly only at the point that we again recall our relationship to it, as we have attempted to so since before we had developed the rudiments of science. 

The search for meaning seems to be a hardwired attribute and the earliest search for meaning sought to understand our origins and the purpose for our existence. These have not become questions only appropriate for late night discussions in sophomore dorm rooms, even if most of us quit asking them after that period in our lives.

At the dawn of consciousness, we were much more dependent on the inutition of our right brains than on left brain linear thinking. Now that our left brains have developed sufficently to have a logically coherent model of physical reality, we may be able to come up with a model of God that is consistent with our model of physical reality and the essence of religious teachings of the nature of God. These essential truths were revealed to those most open to re-establishing the experience of being one with it. Jesus told us that the new commandment was to love one another as we would love ourselves.

Perhaps this is not only the way for Mankind to live peacefully on an ecologically balanced Earth, but the path to a unified theory of God that we can all accept. I believe that this goal can and must be achieved in order to save Mankind from the self destructive course that following the dark angels of our nature has put us on. If we listen to the angels of our better nature, we can come together in an ecumenical way to discuss the commonalities as well as the differences in our beliefs.

If there is only one objective reality and if God is part of it, then we have a duty to come together so that the faithful might quit killing each other over the differences and learn to love one another for what we share in common. Even if all the evidence for the existence of God is a nearly statistically impossible coincidence, the future of human civilization may depend on our seeking a concensus on the question that is as old as Mankind itself.

Our current focus on the violent resolution of our differences is futile. Violence begets only more violence and hatred. Each of us has longed for an end to poverty and war, but they will never end until we understand that we are al in this together and our collective fate is in our hands.

If our bodies are but complex Avatars of our true selves, we must in reality be five-dimensional beings. I believe that it is our collective consciousness in the fifth dimension that is what we call God. If true, it is a consequence of our being bound by four-dimensional space-time that we cannot directly see ourselves as we are from the perspective of the four dimensions that our bodies inhabit.

If we were to view our four dimensional selves from this fifth dimension, we could see not only our whole lives but all of our past and future, just as from the perspective of the three-dimensional space that our bodies occupy we can see the past and future through memory and the passage of time, respectively. We cannot directly perceive time, but we infer it because we see change as we move from one moment to the next, thanks to the existence of memory.

In a similar way, we cannot perceive the fifth dimension directly but if we begin with the hypothesis that God exists and that it created us, we must come up with a model of God that is in accordance with our experience and with our models of physical reality.

In beginning with the assumption that we are five-dimensional beings, I believe that I have constructed such a model as a starting point for a discussion about the nature of God, if it exists. I believe that it also implies a potential proof of God's existence, but will leave that as an exercise for the interested reader. I will say that there are hints to the proof throughout this book, but a full exposition of the truth is beyond its scope. The only other clue I will give is that while it is impossible to prove a negative proposition, it is possible to approve an assertion by proving that its negative leads to a contradiction. Thus, atheism is a faith based on illogic.
As explained through simple analogy in Flatland by the mathematician and theologian Edwin Abbott, who wrote as A. Square in this popular work on topology, 5-space is the only vantage point from which to directly view all of the history of this universe. The existence of worlds existing in another dimension can be inferred from observation and rigorous logic, but not viewed directly.

If one understands how to calculate probability the educated, alert and open minded person can see for her- or himself the evidence in daily experience of the existence of God and the angelic nature of our selves and our fellow inhabitants of the planet we share. I believe that angels are indeed among us, unconscious in most cases of the task before us or their role in saving us from self-destruction.

Flatland was Abbot’s admirable effort to communicate his understanding of topology to the lay reader. He wrote using a pen name because as a theologian I suspect that he recognized the theological implications of his mathematical conclusions. Given the rigorous logic it takes to understand these things, it is likely that he came to similar conclusions to those that I described in the previous paragraphs.

This theory of God implies that Heaven is where our true selves already dwell. It is where we rest and watch the grand Passion play that we act out on the stage of this planet until our bodies fail us and we are called home. I believe that we exist fully as individuals only in this Fifth Dimension. In four dimensional time-space, we exist only as Avatars of our true selves, playing out our parts in the cosmic dance that Shiva celebrates.

If my assumption that God is the collective consciousness of ourselves as we exist in five-dimensions, then collectively we are God. If God can create or destroy the world, then we have that power collectively. Jung told us that there is a collective unconscious. Freud began to show us how to make the unconscious conscious.

We must become conscious of our collective power to save human civilization from the consequences of unchecked greed and radical individualism in the guise of "personal freedom." If we are conscious of the fact that we have the power to create our own future, then it is up to us individually and collectively to abandon the illusion of our separation from one another and face up to the reality that the time has come to choose between fighting each other out of ego or to fight for each other out of love.

I pondered all this recently while I listened to the words of our beloved pastor in the beautiful United Church of Christ that I attend when I can and which I consider my Church home. I basked in the love I received from those around me while I soaked in the wisdom that she so creatively and entertainingly imparted to us.

It is her desire and her nature to inspire others to walk with her for awhile each week to consider the understanding that she has acquired from pondering her study of the teachings of other great thinkers throughout history as seen from the vantage point of herself and those of those she loves. They share their understanding freely share among themselves and their loved ones in their various places of worship and reflection. As usual, I came away with much to ponder and incorporate into the personal belief system that guides the moral decisions I am faced with every day as a doctor, aspiring politician and dutiful citizen of the United States and the world.

I am reminded at each visit in this wonderful place of learning that we all have important roles to play in collectively avoiding a terrifying end to human civilization and instead fulfill our weekly pledge to attempt to do God’s will on Earth as we do in Heaven. As our pastor reminds us each week, when a critical mass of humanity understands that if Christ’s commandment is followed freely, God's Kingdom will come to Earth as it is in Heaven.

Believing all of this, I am sometimes briefly overwhelmed by emotion. The empathy my pastor inspires in me can cause me either such pain or such joy that tears begin to well in my eyes. I have to remember that she also taught me that when my cup runs over, I must remember to catch my breath, relax and let the torrent of the Holy Spirit that is God’s love for us wash through me.

She has taught me that this love springs from an infinite well and that we must share it or burst. In helping other to share in our joy, the love and the joy only grow within the Gardens of our souls. We then have an abundant harvest to share with others, who gradually learn to do the same.

This is how we will become the doctors who will heal ourselves, our loved ones and the planet itself. I believe that it is our duty to God and to each other to help everyone we encounter to understand what I regard as these truths.

If all of this is true, it follows that at the end of time, God and the Universe itself will become whole and complete. We will be utterly free to create new worlds in which to dwell individually and collectively. God and Mankind will become one and the same, and we will follow no master but our true selves. Shiva can finally pause from the dance, should he choose to so. As for myself, this is the place where I already dwell. To those who have read the entirety of Stop the Madness: The Diary of a Soldier For Peace in the War to Take Back America as written so far are free to join me in my journey. Welcome to my world. Help me invite others in.

Please join me in this prayer:

Our Father/Mother who dwells in Heaven, hallowed be our name.

Our Kingdom will come when your will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Let us share our bread today with those who hunger.

We understand that we are forgiven our errors and our sins.
Help us find the strength and love to ease the burden of those who have erred and hurt us.

Guide us to the Holy Spirit that will enable us to forgive those whose role in our collective destiny was to be blinded from the path from which we, the fortunate, have not strayed.

Help us to understand that they were burdened with task of giving us pain so that we might remember that our role is to experience the joy of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.

Help us remember to follow the Angels of our better nature. May Ganesha, your wise elephant-headed Avatar always be with us to place obstacles in our paths when we are about to misstep and to trip those selfish individuals who would harm us out of their perceived self-interest rather than a sense of duty to lead our lost tribes to the perfection that we seek for ourselves, individually and collectively.

We believe with all our heart and souls that when we teach our fellow men and women these simple truths, our Kingdom will come to Earth, as our Will will finally be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.



  1. I wanted to write a special essay to celebrate Easter as I was enjoying services with my friends at UCC in Cedar Hills, Oregon. I had already agreed to give a talk to the Ecumenical Ministries of Greater Portland at the time, so I decided to write one that I could hand out to the Pastors, priests, rabbis and those at the mosque where I would be speaking. This is the result.

  2. I don't think there was a first Buddha. I believe that the universe was always Buddha. There is no beginning, no end. If you want to say first recorded Buddha, you're free to do so. But there were Buddhas in Africa long before that with a rich oral tradition that was wiped out by the turmoil of history.

  3. Thank you for your writings. I know where you are coming from and bless you for your continued faith and words of wisdom.

  4. Bless you for your continued activism, words of wisdom and zest to save the world. One is never overlooked by the eyes of god.

  5. Thank you, Sudanarama and Marc. I am learning from all my friends as I go along. I hope that you will ask others to read more so that we might continue to learn from each other how to end war before it ends us.


    occupated in their activities like searchers, medicians, scientists, missionars, singers, writers, politicals, actors, managers, businessmen, philantrophists, princess and princesses and common people and poors and diseaded and victims of violences...




  7. Thank you for those kind and inspiring words, my beautiful Monia. I cannot wait to meet you in the flesh. You are undoubtedly one of God's most powerful angels, sent to Earth to help us re-create the Garden.

    I challenged Christopher Hitchens to a national debate on his claim that "God is Not Great." I repeated the challenge today on the two Facebook pages that allow posts from "fans." I wrote about it today on my Facebook page:

    "At the risk of offending those who would Deify Chris Hitchens, I have to say that I find him to be an insufferable, supercilious little twit who apparently lacks the testicular fortitude to debate his claim that God is not great with me publicly.

    I have many atheist friends and I am embarrassed for those few who think this pompous fool speaks for them. All it takes to prove the existence of God is to define it properly and honestly examine the evidence for and against its existence.

    It defies logic that a reasonably intelligent person would spend years trying to convince the world that he can prove the truth of a negative, something that any pimply faced freshman in college knows to be patently ridiculous if they think about it for one nanosecond. The only motivation that I can imagine to do it is to make a fortune telling those who have no faith in God or Man that they are right.

    In my view, God and Man are one and the same. I believe that we are five-dimensional creatures whose collective consciousness is God, which is the Alpha and the Omega because it exists as a whole only at the beginning and end of the closed loop of four dimensional time-space, between which it is first split into male and female and at the "end" of which it realizes that we have placed the clues before us to understand our true nature and reunify ourselves so that we will prevent Armageddon. Is that so hard to understand?

    I hope that Chris will take me up on my challenge and debate me on national TV about whether or not God exists. God is indeed great and I worship all men and women every moment of my life. Love is the creative and motive force behind human existence and we are all angels of God sent to Earth to protect it and ensure the continuity of change for all eternity.

  8. Oh Rick, I so do honor your valor to have a voice that is steeped in truth. My heart hurts for the damage done by power driven by material greed that has attempted at all odds to put out the light of God. It is a futile attempt of evil concern that is ignorant of the physics of faith. Light cannot be destroyed by darkness, however, dark fear always runs from light, lest it be revealed / dissipated. bless you

  9. Dear Rick. I was leaving a long comment and then it disappeared. I ll have to come back and rewrite it.
    I was beginning to mention how I need to read a few paragraphs and now that we are in the same spot in life, as these people who commented are.
    Through growth, pain and wisdom, we're closer to the truth.

    Similarly the link of this interview, that I mentioned, comes to the same conclusion. It was very eye opening to me.


  10. Thanks again to all who have written in support. Here are a few more comments about this, the longest essay in this book (that is now finished except for minor editing):

    Marc is right that there is no beginning or end to the Universe and that there is therefore no "first Buddha." Although few have reached enlightenment in recorded history, ther must have been many in all ages. I was referring to Siddhartha, of course.

    The essay points out my belief that the Univers (and therefor the Multiverse) is closed, though only after many cycles of creation and destruction in various time-space loops in the five-dimensional Multiverse.

    This is an extremely improbable event that implies the last cycle of creation bagan with the exact amount of energy to stabilize when the ends of space and time meet, thus closing the circle and ending time (in 2012)? It is of course improbable only to atheists who worship only what others beleive, especially scientific models of physical reality.

    God is all of us in the sixth dimension and we cannot model that yet. String theory is likely to prove uneccessarily complex, given our rudimentary understanding of what the Unified Field Theory would look like. Currently, theoretical physicists are up to eleven dimensions with no clear end in sight. I beleive that they are missing one or more important assumptions that will boil the final equation down to six variables. Are they missing these truths because they are blinded to the reality of our true natures by their faith in science alone to explain everything?

    I also wanted to point out that if God is all of us, then we can collectively act on the physical Universe through the collective consciousness of our Hive Mind that is God in the sixth dimension. That means that if we re-creat Heaven on Earth, we can manipulate physical reality to close the Universe by an act of collective will, preserving the Multiverse as a permanent reality that will produce eternal variety because our individualminds will remain preserved and our Avatars will think for themselves on matters not already collectively decided.

  11. Interesting thoughts from both you and your readers here Rick. I came upon your link through a friend's Facebook page a few moments ago. I have been aware of an increasing number of "synchronicity moments" on a daily basis over the last few weeks. I truly believe they are Divinely inspired and am eager to see where they take me in my quest for further Knowledge and Awareness of my place in the Universe. Your mentioning Christopher Hitchens, who I've not heard about in years, brings up an interview with his brother on NPR radio this very morning. They have had a steady debate over God for many years. Apparently Christopher has been diagnosed with cancer, and continues to rail against his Creator, while the younger brother is very much a Believer.

    I will add my name to your circle here in hopes of gleaning more Wisdom and Understanding.
    Thank You Rick ~ Namaste'

  12. Thank you, Puernatura. I have also noted increasing moments of synchronicity over the last decade or so, though I cannot say that they were not always there and I am just becoming more aware of them as I develop a more sophisticated view of the way that the world may be constructed and function.

    I just came across a video on Facebook by Robert Sheldrake on the rise of neoshamanism:http://www.facebook.com/CraigCrawfordDC?bcode=uvHHt&v=info#!/video/video.php?v=392751152648&comments

    Sheldrake is a theorist who postulates a theory that predicts the existence of a conscious universe with its own memory. My comments are below:

    "It makes sense to me as a Buddhist/Christian/Hindu that the universe has its own consciousness and memory. Modern physics suggests that every particle (or string loop) in the universe interacts with every other one, just as do neurons in the brain.

    Human and "artificial"intelligence are believed to arise when an organism or its digital analogue achieve a sufficient level of complexity for consciousness to arise. What is more complex than the universe itself?

    If the Universe has a consciousness, can it communicate with us and how would we know what it was saying? Perhaps the greatest prophets and visionaries each have something to teach us."

  13. I am engaged in a fascinating discussion with a panentheist (not to be confused with a pantheist) that made me look at my model of cosmology/God/reality/ in a different light and led to a few new thoughts on the subject. This is the essence of the last note I sent to him:

    First, he made me realize that the way I was thinking about God being "created" by Man as our collective consciousness grows closer to our higher collective consciousness is mistaken.

    If God created the angels and remained their higher collective consciousness, it was not diminished in any important way. It seems nonsensical to argue that if one assumes that four-dimensional space-time if a closed loop, we are somehow acting as a thought experiment to expand the consciousness of our higher selves (and thereby God, the collective consciousness of our higher selves in my model).

    If our higher selves are in a higher dimension, they can see the beginning and end of time in four dimensions, though the individual consciousnesses that I assume exist can only look at one moment in space-time at a time (or it equivalent in the fifth dimension). Only God can see it all at once. Like the human mind that exists independently of the brain that created or embodies it, God exists separately in a sixth dimension in my model.

    I was making the mistake of assuming that if space-time were a closed loop, it would have no beginning and no end. God would thus be the alpha and omega, but in my original formulation it existed in its entirely whole only at the beginning and end, while connected to all things material and immaterial through the holy spirit that is love in its most elemental form. It seems to me likely that in reality, that may seem to be true but is an artifact of our being trapped in four-dimensional space-time.

    While I am not entirely convinced that this is correct, it does require more thought to consider as a thought experiment to test my theory of cosmology. If there is conservation of matter and if all things are fractal patterns of God itself (another assumption I am inclined to accept for the sake of argument), it may be that there is conservation of God-stuff, which I see as love itself. On the other hand, it may be infinite and I argue below why it may most reasonable to assume that to be the case.

  14. (Continued from above):

    I believe that particles are an artifact of our methods of observation in four dimensions and string theory supports that idea. Rather, in string theory all particles can only be represented by extensions in at least 11 dimensions. This can never be fully tested but evidence for a key part of the theory may be provided by the Hadron Supercollider, which was built in large part to search for a hypothetical massive particle that can be created only under condiditons of extremely high energy.

    It is also likely true (according to Stephan Hawking) that black holes are the counterpart of white holes in another dimension analogous to ours, so matter may appear to be "created" but on balance it is neither created nor destroyed. It is just transferred in a way that we do not fully understand. It seems to me to be likely that this is a two-way (or more) process that in fact does preserve the total amount of mass-energy in what we see as our "universe."

    However, the theory is incomplete and I would like to think that it will only be complete when simplifying assumptions reduce the number of required dimensions to six. That is a conceit because it would correspond to my model of God, but Occam's razor we should always look for the simplest explanation for any observation.

    Another complication is that I also believe in the idea of a multiverse, a potentially infinite number of dimensions that can interact through black and white "holes" in the space-time of their respective component "universes."

    This is an old idea but apparently Hawking has found theoretical evidence for an idea that like most scientific advancements was once considered science fiction. With God (if it exists), all things are possible.

    If the multiverse exists, the question is how it was/is created. I have a hunch that it is created by our own acts of free will and that the universe splits every time that we make a semi-random decision.

    If true that the universe was created by pure thought and our higher selves are part of the instrument of creation, we are literally collectively creating our own reality, just as individual humans create their personal model of reality in their own minds. The difference is that to create reality itself, we have to be perfectly logically consistent, something most humans are very poor at.

    What is the purpose of our existence if God created us? I believe that it was to ensure that the universe would never become static. "In the beginning, God got bored" would be the start of the Bible if I had written it. Of course, I would not know what I know or seem to know now had I been alive in the time that it was written.

    One important piece of evidence for my cosmological model is that if the Bible is a compendium of much revealed wisdom, the repeated references of God referring to itself as "We" may indicate that God is indeed a collective consciousness rather than an individually existing entity. At least, that would be true after it created our higher selves from its essence.

  15. For all you truth seekers out there, i have found a quite interesting site that makes logical sense. These articals are quite fascinating, because it's completely different from the norm and i believe that the truth is going to be out of the norm because i have not found any truth whatsoever in the "normal" world or existence we live in.


  16. "I have no desire to offend the concrete thinkers who teach the literal truth of a text that was created by a committee called together by a politician who chose the participants. However, it is hard for me to accept that such a group of men three living hundred years after Jesus could divine which of the many commentaries written long after he passed from us represented the true story."

    You've repeated an anti-Christ hoax with that, Rick. As much as I abhor what Constantine I and his sycophants did to co-opt "Christianity," it didn't happen.

  17. Once again Tom I think that you would find yourself in the minority in that opinion. If you have a case to make, feel free.


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