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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This essay is dedicated to Judas Iscariot, beloved follower of Jesus of Nazareth. His role in the passion play was the most difficult, and one that he ultimately could not bear. Without him, the sacrifice of Jesus might have been wasted, as he became the symbol of the price one pays for loss of faith in the principle that the good will always triumph over evil, if men and women of good will start with and hold fast to this belief.

We owe a deep debt of gratitude to George Bush for revealing the utter insanity of the hypocritical neoconservative approach of bashing government while running it into the ground to prove their point. The corporate media cannot hide the utter failure of neoconservatives in expanding the power of government while railing against it, or the collusion of both Democrats and Republicans with the corporatocracy that is ultimately responsible for the utter corruption of the democratic process in Congress and the expansion of executive power it has allowed. 

If Bush had not shown America the logical result of the cult of greed enshrined by the conservative icon Ronald Reagan, its current strength would not have been possible. I am sure that like Judas Iscariot and Benedict Arnold, God will forgive Bush his sins because ultimately, all these "traitors" are only players on the world stage who do what needs to be done at critical times in history to save humanity by inspiring people to promote democratic, humanistic ideals when despair is the only alternative.

Let us redouble our efforts to bring sanity and democracy to America and thereby the world. Pressing our advantage, let us move forward into the future confident of our ultimate success. Remember that the plan is to first secure the blessing of life so that we may increase our numbers in order to restore liberty, with the ultimate goal being to increase individual happiness. We want to make next July Fourth a celebration of our interdependence. We can hope that we will rejoice in independence from fear, anger and enslavement by soulless corporations and acolytes of the cult of Ayn Rand.

Viva la Revoluccion! Vive the Revolution! Let us pray for salaam and shalom amidst the Babel of the corporate media. When we have true democracy in America, we may inspire the desire for freedom from fear, anger and the cycle of violence in Israel and the Muslim world alike. This is the mission of Soldiers For Peace.

We will only succeed if we forgive the trespasses of the misguided masses that have been confused by the concerted effort to establish an American aristocracy. These lost souls have actively abetted the effort while seeking only their own safety, wealth and happiness. We must forgive them, for they knew not what they did when they allowed corporations to take the reins of a government designed to be of the people, for the people and by the people. 

Let us move forward by educating their supporters as to what has happened to our beloved country and how they can be part of the effort to restore democracy in America. We begin locally in the rural areas as well as with distractable urbanites, converging on a new state of consciousness that recognizing our interdependence is the only way to secure human survival on the planet.

We must all be Soldiers for Peace in this war of humanity against the corporate machine. If we choose to be neutral in this final showdown, the collateral damage will destroy the onlookers along with the combatants, as the problems of environmental degradation, overpopulation, social isolation, war and famine doom civilization to an accelerating cycle of destruction. We need not fear this fate if we trust in the essential goodness of the human spirit. If we do not, then we have succumbed to the demons of fear and anger and must first defeat them in a personal battle for our own individual salvation.

Rick Staggenborg, MD

Soldiers For Peace International

Coos Bay, Oregon


  1. I hope that people reading this who consider themselves conservative don't take offense. I am careful to refer to neoconservatives rather than conservatives when I criticize. those who actively supported Bush and other enemies of all that went right in America after the great depression.

    The press and liberals have contributed to the problem by confusing conservatism to the gross distortion that is neoconservatism. The latter bears no resemblance to classical conservatives in that it supports wars that serve no purpose other than to secure resources of other nations so as to control more and more of the world.

    In allowing wars for profit under the guise of security and privatizing government for the benefit of wealthy corporate donors, both Republicans and Democrats have been complicit in expanding the cost and scope of government beyond any reasonable limits. This too is not a conservative practice, nor a responsible position that fiscally responsible liberals should support.

    The truth is that the corporate media has been redefining the meaning of conservatism, most notably the FOX news channel. Through political "analysis" of the news that paints the more liberal of politicians as "socialist," code for anyone with a sense of social responsibility, they are part of the propaganda machine that obscures recognition of our interdependence and turns simple morality into a radical concept.

    The rest of the media has accepted the redefinition, although some writers like former Nixon White House counsel John Dean have written books about the change in the popular perception of conservatism that lay out the role that authoritarianism has led to the mass delusion that men like Bush are conservative. Too late, real conservatives realized that he was not one of them.

  2. Neoconservative Republican politicans have been irresponsible borrow and spend supporters of the creation for a system of corporate welfare that is bankrupting the country. This makes them as complicit in the abandonment of the interests of the People as the Democrats who noted their success through the disproportionate corporate money that such policies generated for their campaigns and followed them down the corporatist path.

    In the end, Democrats morphed from tax and spend liberals to increasingly indistinguishable borrow and spenders who have done their part to drive up a national debt that our children must pay. It can be argued that their hypocritical abandonment of their stated values is worse than the Republicans, who since Reagan have never pretended that they didn't believe that corporations did not have the right to rule government in their own interests.

    It is ironic that the fundamentalist religious Right has repeatedly supported this move to neoconservatism. How is it that the manufacture of wars for profit and the abandonment of the poor can be considered consistent with Christ's message? If this is indeed a Christian nation as they claim, they will reflect on their failure to uphold their professed values and support a rational system of universal health care.

    Fortunately, the Christian left is becoming more active in getting their congregations involved in this struggle, without confusing its role with that of directly supporting the efforts of neoconservatives to dominate American politics.

    They are fighting for the People whereas authoritarian religious leaders provide justification for the wrong-headed impression that all religious leaders care more for power over others than considering the message of the Christ they have sworn to serve.

    Those who fear one world government should not be supporting such hypocrisy but fighting alongside to restore democracy irrespective of what political labels they choose to apply to themselves. The left-right split and the politics of division have been exploited by both sides for so long that Americans now see those who disagree with them as enemies of the "real America."

    Only when we recognize our interdependence can we Take Back America for the People and restore a government of, by and for the People to the US.


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